Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Some new thinking...

Dear Mrs. Abalos' Class,

We have been learning a lot about oceans and sea creatures that make the ocean their home. We have a question for you: "How can we use Nobody to make a difference in our environment and in our world?"

D.K.: "I think when we clean the environment by finding garbage and putting it in the bins, we are helping our world."

L.M.: "No smoking because it makes the air bad. We can teach to not smoke.Don't make nets in the water because the animals can't travel anywhere. Animals that get caught in the net get captured."

E.S.: "We can not throw trash in the ocean because that can make ocean animals be killed."

J.S.: "Don't capture orca whales because when you capture the babies then the mommy's cry. They take them to a different pool and that makes the families feel sad."

T.B.: "E.S. and G.B. researched that sharks can eat trash. That's not good because if they eat it they might get sick."

E.S.: "We can take care of animals by feeding them."

R.V.: "We can teach Nobody how to play. It makes you feel happy when you play."

J.Sid.: "Don't feed the animals trash or dirty water. They might be sick and even worser they can get germs in their food. And if you throw trash then the trash and the people catch the animals."

C.S.: "What if you feed the animals trash by accident? I think that they will might be sick and it will make the oceans not a good home."

What do you think Mrs. Abalos' class?

Ms. Schmidt & Ms. Theis' Kindergarten Class

P.S. We read a book that said when sharks sleep they swim still! - T.B.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Questions and Comments to C.S
"I hope that Nobody learned a lot at Sick Kids, from his/her experience." N.A.

"I liked how you taught Nobody to buy books for the sick kids and make them happy." W.F.

"Where did you get the idea to go to Sick Kids and Chapters to donate books?" A.C.

"How many books did you get for the Sick Kids hospital?" L.J.

"One time I had books and I gave it to the poor. It made me feel proud because they can learn more. The children at Sick Kids can learn more too." C.S.

"I had clothes one day and then I was like to my mom, I said to her, "these clothes are too small, can I give them to the Sick Kids hospital? because I go there to help my back feel better." K.K.

We hope you have a good Valentine's Day!


Mrs. Chocron-Abalos' class

Monday, February 10, 2014

A Letter to E.S.

Dear E.S.,

"I am very proud of you because you teached Nobody how to bowl and to play because you were paying attention to him." A.T.

"I am very happy that you showed a lot of kindness to your mom and Nobody. I hope you do it again." I.D.

"Did you have fun with the Nobody?" A.M.

"Did Nobody like your dinner?" N.A.

"I like to help my mom cook on certain days because I am showing an act of kindness to my mom and she really likes it just like your mom really likes it." L.J

"My sister J.B. let's me sleep in her bed. It makes me feel proud of her because she is showing an act of kindness. Nobody felt proud of E.S because he let him sleep in his bed."J.B


Mrs. Abalos' class

Making Nobody Comfortable!

Dear Ms. Schmidt and Mrs. Theis,

I made a bed for Nobody. I thought that it would make Nobody comfortable. I used a black and white striped pillow and a yellow and green striped bed. When I made that bed I felt proud and happy of myself because I could make Nobody more comfortable and happy.

Love A. C.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

L.M. you are brave for shoveling all that snow!

Dear L.M,

"Thanks for showing kindness with Nobody." L.T
"It is very loving to your mom and your dad for shoveling the driveway?" A.T
"Wasn't is so cold outside? Instead of going outside, why didn't you do something inside like cleaning your bedroom?" L.J
"Last time, I helped my grandma shovel the driveway. I know you felt proud because when I helped my grandma I felt proud too."  K.K


Mrs. Abalos' class

Hello to our friends

Dear Mrs. Abalos' class,

We decided to talk about this question: Why is it important to show kindness to other people, animals and the environment? Here is our thinking:

E.S.: "Showing kindness to my Mom made her feel happy because I helped her to make dinner."
E.S. (girl): "I think cleaning up the environment will help the world be a better place by making it nice and clean. With me, I feel proud if I help another person because it filling my bucket and there's too."
D.K.: "What if animals are hungry and they can't find any food? We can get them some food."
J.S.: "I learned about kindness by showing Cassie that she had a home."
M.D.: "What if animals don't find their house or their families? We can help them by learning about them."
J.Sid.: "What about jungles animals that don't have food? Some people can get them food and why we need food so we can grow up."
G.V.: "I helped my Mom clean the dishes and it made her feel happy because every family gets help from all their children."

Can you share with us what you think?

Ms. Schmidt & Ms. Theis' Kindergarten Class

Monday, February 3, 2014

Dear Ms. Schmidt and Mrs. Theis' class,

Today we read about how J.S  showed four acts of kindness with Nobody. We can tell that he was very excited to show kindness. It was such a great idea to have a "welcome home" party for Nobody! We are sure that it made him/her feel special and welcomed. We have some questions and comments for you.

"It was so cool that you made a bed for Nobody!" K.K
"What did your great-grampa say when he say Nobody?" S.G
"How did you feel about yourself when you showed kindness?" M.A


Mrs. Chocron-Abalos' class :)